Cloud Solutions

As cloud solutions become the new norm for businesses across Australia, Boxtech has partnered with Microsoft Azure to build a state-of-the-art cloud system to provide secure, private, low cost, localised Australian storage for sensitive data. Combined with a cutting-edge backup system, our private/hybrid cloud runs on dedicated high-speed Internet connections, ensuring your data or apps are always available and responsive. Our platform is always customised to the customer’s exact requirements.

Cloud solutions are the storage and management of all business data on the Internet (including programs running on your computer), rather than on-site in your office. This has many benefits including:

  • Low initial setup costs with no need for expensive on-premises hardware, such as servers and network storage.
  • Cloud solutions run on high-speed internet with emergency alternative connections to ensure that your systems are always available and responsive.
  • All Boxtech cloud storage is onshore in Australia to ensure your data is kept secure, local and in full compliance with Australian regulations.
  • Multiple cutting-edge cybersecurity systems to maintain safety of data at all times, including a separate, private network just for your business.
  • Triple layers of data backups, including replication interstate to protect against any loss of data in an emergency or natural disaster.
  • All Boxtech cloud solutions are customised to the business.
  • Migrations to our cloud platform can be completed outside of business hours to maintain business continuity.
  • Training in the efficient and secure use of our cloud systems is provided to ensure the best possible outcomes for your business and its staff.

As cloud solutions have become more popular, software companies are beginning to offer their software on a cloud platform. Unfortunately, this often comes with a decrease in the functionality or unfamiliar changes which are costly to retrain staff.

Boxtech cloud solutions are designed to ensure that businesses get the benefits of the cloud while also maintaining full functionality of their software – moving to our cloud can often appear to the end user as if nothing has changed at all. This means that retraining staff on the use of the software is not required, thus business downtime is decreased. The migration works can also be completed out of business hours to make the switch even easier.

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