IT Support and Solutions

Boxtech IT support assists you with any computer hardware or software issues. We provide complete IT consultancy, implementation and support services you can count on.

Boxtech goes further than just daily IT problems. By monitoring systems and networks across the client’s organisation, we are always working in the background to ensure that computer systems are running perfectly; fixing potential problems before you, the client, even know about them. It is usual for our customers to not even be aware of IT maintenance or problems averted by our team. We believe that initiative taken by an IT provider makes for a smoothly run business.

Services we offer include:

  • Planning and implementation of office networks for new businesses and major upgrades to existing businesses.
  • Cloud solutions, including migration to fully off-site solutions.
  • Automatic monitoring, maintenance, data backups and live remote support systems for all computing systems and networks.
  • Consultancy on communications and IT matters, including liaison with other tech companies and communication vendors.
  • Emergency on-site support for critical hardware and software issues.
  • Preparation of documentation (procedural guides, security policies, etc.) to meet industry and accreditation standards in any field.

Why Boxtech IT support?

Boxtech offers first-rate IT support on time and in budget. With options for emergency support and the performance of major services outside of business hours, Boxtech understands what you need and works diligently to produce it.

The team goes above and beyond to meet the needs of clients no matter the situation.

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