The construction, industrial/commercial sectors pose unique technology challenges. Specific software packages, often requiring high-powered workstations, integration with specialised hardware and constantly relocating site-offices are just some of the factors that are part of the day to day workflow in these industries. Boxtech has a long history working with your type of companies and delivering fast technical service for time/money sensitive projects.

With numerous team members experienced in mission-critical IT management, we provide professional, expert IT consultancy and support for all construction, architectural, demolition and engineering businesses.

Our solutions include but are not limited to:

  • Mobile devices and computing.
  • Remote access (with GPU acceleration for CAD etc. if required).
  • Cloud computing.
  • National and international operations.
  • Workflow between site-offices and HQ.
  • Reliable temporary field-office networks.

Just starting out? Have a national construction or property development company? We can help with all your IT needs.

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