Education and childcare IT solutions

IT solutions for the education and early childhood industries often need to be highly specific; supporting specialist software workflows and multiple sites. This is often poorly understood by IT providers causing significant problems for the organisation.

Boxtech has extensive knowledge and experience in supporting early learning and education providers. This makes us perfectly positioned to establish, maintain, or take over IT solutions for education or early childhood service organisations of all types.

We have experience with all major management and messaging apps and our cloud solutions facilitate:

  • Centrally, securely store and access photo libraries and centre documentation.
  • Coordinate separate centre sites or facilities under one management umbrella.
  • Provide different access hierarchies for educators, rooms, administrators and managers.
  • Eliminate the burden and cost of local servers and backups.

An overhaul to your on-site IT or a cloud solution could greatly help in keeping you current in a crowded market.

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